9/11/2012 08:59:40 am

we can promote cycling /walking by biking or walking to close destanations like school.

9/11/2012 09:39:10 am

To promote walking and/or cycling to school you could arrange cycling and/or walking groups consisting of people that live on the same street that can walk/cycle to school together. Maybe the reason that more kids don't walk/cycle to school is because they have no one to travel with.It would also be safer and the kids would have someone to talk with.

9/11/2012 11:38:54 am

An easy way for us to promote biking or walking to school would be to explain to the kids a little bit about energy efficiency and how to reduce the amount of pollution we put into our environment. If we use lots of pictures, they might understand and if we get them involved, they'll be even more interested. Kids also love to help out with things so by having little stations where they can learn about how riding bikes or walking can affect our environment, they are more likely to take the information home and use it wisly.

9/12/2012 06:18:43 am

I think we as a class should have poster contest to raise awareness of how walking/biking is better for the environment.

9/12/2012 06:37:57 am

We could tell how people are affecting the earth by taking the bus or getting driven to school.

9/12/2012 09:04:21 am

If students lived close enough to walk or ride there bike to school, it would not only help the environment but keep kids healthy. It would help the environment because driving or taking the bus would pollute the air.

9/14/2012 11:53:31 am

We could tell people how walking or biking is better for their health, and how this reduces their impact on the environment.

9/15/2012 01:40:01 am

I think we should put a big bill board up that was made from recycled materials and it saids to ride your bike of walk to close destanations to save the enviroment

Mrs. Smith
9/17/2012 05:24:54 am

Are any of you interested in putting together a promotional campaign (posters, announcements, etc.) to promote safe bike riding to and from school as an environmentally friendly act?

Caitlin M
10/11/2012 06:08:10 am

Yes, I would be interested in doing this! This would help our enviorment and I think it would be alot of fun as well. I would love to educate others about how much carbon gasses we use and how much we pollute our earth by driving to school everyday.

9/24/2012 06:59:19 am

Our School can promote walking/cycling by raising awareness that if you are close to the School and a friend that it is fun to walk or ride your bikes to school.

9/24/2012 08:13:39 am

Our class could promote cycling and/ or walking to school by puting up posters and showing others that everyone should bike or walk to school to help the environment.

9/25/2012 10:40:54 am

As a class we could promote cycling/walking to school by forming a group of friends that live close to you so that you don't have to walk alone. Also, walking/cycling can improve your health.

10/1/2012 08:12:36 am

Our class could promote biking and/or walking to school by educating children about how much they pollute the earth by travelling to school everday by car or bus. Also like Emma said we could arrange groups of kids that could walk or bike to school together.

Caitlin M
10/11/2012 06:02:44 am

Our class could promote Cycling/and or walking to school by creating a school club that meets at a certain place every morning and walks or bikes to school together.We could also educate kids about all the carbon gasses they are wasting when they drive to school everyday.


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