10/1/2012 09:26:48 am

As a class we could focus on asking how many studënt's in our class bring plastic water bottles or juice boxes to test the theory.

Our class can make this a smart goal over the course of the next 21 days by monitoring on a chart the daily amount of water bottles, juice boxes that children use in our class. By making our class aware of the waste and discussing the effects this has on our environment perhaps more students will think about using reuseable bottles for there drinks.

We could also type up a memo for all students in our school to make them aware of this and by doing this over a period of time it will make more people aware.

10/1/2012 09:51:10 pm

I think a great goal for our class to achieve in 21 days is to get all work handed in by due dates for everyone in the class. It is a smart goal because if everyone's work is in by the due date, everyone's grades improve.

10/4/2012 05:30:41 am

I think we should mesure how much compost/garbage we get rid of everyday and set a goal of reducing it by 35%. We could measure by how much it weighs over the course of in the beginning and over 21 days.

10/11/2012 10:14:56 pm

Our class could focus on wasting less food. We could all check our garbage or compost bins at the end of each week and see if we're wasting less food than the week before. At the end of 4 weeks the whole class could see if we reached our goal to waste less food.

10/14/2012 02:02:13 am

a goal we can make as a class can be to walk or bike instead of driving a car. Also we could do small things around our house like turning off the lights when we are out of the room or turning of your computer monitors.

10/15/2012 08:56:31 am

I think a habit we could make is making sure everyone recycles and composts, instead of just throwing it in the garbage. Also not wasting so much food and paper would help the environment.


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